Great Divide

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BL webcomic | Slow burn | Enemies to lovers
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Dav is a promiscuous young aristocrat who thinks inheriting his father's estate will be easy. After years of shirking his duties, he's finally been assigned a Consul to get him back on track. Rael is prim, proper, and prude - and he won't get off Dav's case!Together they must confront Dav's family legacy and what it means to inherit power, all while barely tolerating each other. If they can stop being jerks to each other, they might even realize the other isn't so bad...someday.There will eventually be lots of sex but you have to deal with hundreds of pages of being jerks, slow burn, and horny pining first 🔥This is an MLM comic that will contain adult scenes including sex and violence. Minors are not welcome!Loosely based on D&D characters and settings.

Content warnings

This comic will contain adult situations and uncomfortable scenes that won't be okay for everyone. There are depictions or mentions of violence, assault, bullying, and more. I'll try to give a heads up before heavier scenes. Please take care when reading!